Say Hello!



Saying hello is of course a very basic greeting to do in any language. It’s very good manners and very polite to say hello to anyone, strangers, children, coworkers friends, and even someone older than you. It is even very polite to say hello to your boss or company president! Saying hello is a good thing in every situation!

Basically it is common for two strangers walking to both say hello to each other!

Say Hello

How many different ways are there to say hello? There are alot of ways to say hello. First lets start with the most basic ways to say hello.

Hello! – the most basic, anytime, anywhere!

These examples show how to use one word – Hello – used in different situations.

1. Greeting Morning, Day, or Night

Greeting a stranger, a friend, family member, or coworker

Example: A:“Hello!” B:“Hi!”

Hello Greeting

2. Telephone

Answering your personal phone

Example: [ring! ring!] “Hello?” – hint: use a slightly rising intonation, like a question
Hello Phone

3. Is anyone there?

Situation: You can’t see anyone in a house/shop/store and you want to enter or talk to someone

Example: “Hello!?” or “Hello! Is anyone there?” – if someone is there, they should reply
Hello Is Anyone There

Did you know?

The word “Hello” began being used in about the year 1827. It was first used to get someone’s attention, like in example number 3. Similar to “Hey!” An example might be “Hello, look out! That is dangerous!”

Famous inventor Thomas Edison encouraged people to use “Hello” to answer the phone as in example number 2.

Other Greetings

What about other greetings? Other greetings, depending on time of day:

“Good Morning!” – use after you wake up until around 12 p.m.

“Good Afternoon!” – use after 12 p.m. until around 5 p.m.

“Good Evening!” – use after around 5 p.m. until bedtime

tip – “Good Night!” is usually not a greeting. Use ‘Good Night’ when you are going to bed. It’s the same as “bye-bye” at bedtime!

These are easy to use, and easy to understand. Try using these in your everyday vocabulary. Even simple phrases like these make your English sound much better!


If you have any questions about English, please leave them in the comments, or contact me directly!