Hey! Whatsup!

Hey! Whatsup!

The word ‘hey’ can be nice, or not nice, depending on the situation.

Hey can be like a casual hello.


“Hey! How are you?”

“Hey Joe! What’s going on?”

“Hey” can also be alarming!


Hey stop! 



Hey you! Come here!


Hey and Hi are closely related and can be traced back to the Romans. In Latin, “Hei!” meant someone was an expression of fear when someone was scared. But “Heia!” meant was an expression of joy and happiness. The two were so similar, the two meanings came to be similar in the word “Hey” which was used as far back as the year 1200 AD by St. Katherine of Alexandria.


Whatsup comes from “What’s up?” —> “What is up?” —> “What is happening?” or “What is going on?”

Originally a question, where A asks B, like this:


“Hey Milton, What’s happening?”


“Well, I am looking for my stapler.”


Whatsup? was made very popular by cartoon character Bugs Bunny. He always greeted people by saying: “What’s up doc?”


Usually now, it is spelled like: “What’s up?” or “Whatsup?” or even a very casual “Wazzup!”

How do you answer someone who says “Whatsup?”

Can you say: “Whatsup?” or can you say “I’m just hanging out.”

Which is correct?

Actually you can use either one. Both are correct for casual and friendly situations.

In this situation, “Whatsup” is not really a question, it has become a greeting.


A: “Whatsup!”


B: “Whatsup!”

So to recap, the variations of “Whatsup!” and “Hey!” are all casual and friendly ways to: greet someone or get someone’s attention.

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