Catch Pokémon – July 2016!

Get your Pokeballs ready! We will go on a walking tour of Ageda to catch some Pokemon, and hit some PokeStops! We will meet in the Koza Jujiro Kanehide parking lot on Friday, July 29 at 10:00 a.m.

gym_large 3 Gyms

pokestop 11 PokeStops

dc6ozxMgi4 km round trip (GO_Egghatch those eggs!)

Google_Maps_Icon Route Map:
Starting at 10:00 am from Koza Jujiro Kandehide parking lot
Finish around 12:00 pm
Cost: Free!
Anyone may attend (please register on the Facebook page if you can!)

You should be able to hit the PokeStops at least 2 times.

A good time to use items:

Incense1  Incense

egg Lucky Egg

Lure_Module Lure Module

Please come prepared with walking shoes, water, and protection from the sun (hat, umbrella, sunscreen, towel, etc)

Unknown The weather will be HOT. Temperature will be as hot as 33°C / 92°F!

If you are new to Pokemon GO, all you need is a smartphone with a data plan, the game is a free download, we can show you how to play! See also this website:

Look for me there!



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